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4 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table

Coffee table is one of the centerpieces your guests notice. This is the centerpiece of your living room where the guests stay on their visit so it should be more creative and attractive to surprise the guests. There are a lot of designs in center tables like some are simple and others are bit stylish and have drawers in it. No matter what type of coffee table you have it must be decorated in a creative style which can complement your taste.

You can decorate it with many of the items like candles, ceramics, magazines and crystal pieces. There are a lot of more patterns and prints you can adopt in which blue pottery print is very elegant and attractive in it. No matter what is the color combination of your living room, blue pottery print always suits with all type of colors, as it has the sense of depth.

Before we move forward to the decorating ideas, there are few tips to be considered while decorating the coffee table. The balance is the most important thing while decorating it, the balance in choosing the items which should not be too much opposite in size with each other and the color combination should not be too much opposite otherwise it will look odd. Second is that too many items will give a bulky look to your table so be selective in it.

Let's check out the ideas to decorate the coffee table

Floral and Vases Arrangement

Flowers and vases are the two main items for the coffee table always along with stones, rocks, and shells filled in it. These vases can be filled with all the mentioned items and flowers as well, the flowers could be artificial and natural as well it depends how much time you can give it to them daily. While one major rule should be considered is that followers and vases should not be tall enough on the coffee table. The flower branches should be light and the height should be low. The long stems of flowers only look good in pictures but in reality, it's not safe and comfortable for daily lifestyle.
Moreover, the flowers can be arranged in the blue pottery print pots and vases and you will find a huge collection in the market.

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Classic Arrangement
The most classic and trendy makeover for the coffee table these days is the arrangement in a tray. You will find the number or elegant trays in market and online as well plus you can also think out of the box and reuse your old tray from the kitchen by spraying or painting it. Much creativity can be done with this like inserting mirror on the base or paste any printed sheet.

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Tea Arrangement
If you are looking for the new creation for your coffee table then go for the tea party arrangement. It will look classy in your living room. You can add handmade teapot, cups and sugar pot along with pot cover. All of these can be adjusted in table tray as well. It will look traditional and modern at the same time and place a magazine or art book with them. You can select the blue pottery print or which goes to the combination of your living room. These can be used for your guests as well along with cookies.

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Beach Style Arrangement
If you have a table which upper glass can be separated and you have the option of inserting things into it then you can play with the number of ideas. Here we are giving you the idea of beach style arrangement for your coffee table. You can place shells, stones, pearls, sea plants and many of the sea embellishments into the table. On the upper surface, fish status can be placed or fishes in a small water pot are also a good and attractive idea for your coffee table. If you don’t have that type of table you can also place off of these items on to the tray or dish and settle it on the table to give a fresh and creative look to the living room.